Whatever you gain is only a gain when it is done with integrity. Otherwise, it is at best a meaningless token. Integrity enables everything it touches to grow in meaning and value. Every accomplishment of any significance comes about because the people involved are able to trust each other. Start with integrity, continue with integrity, finish with integrity. With integrity your life improves, you forge your goals and dreams into reality. Countless and widely varied paths lead to success and fulfillment. One essential value they all have in common is integrity.
Here at TCG Dental Repair we go by this principle and daily include it in every decision we make, every service we provide, every estimate we send over to a client. You can rest assured that we are here to protect your best interest with integrity and professionalism.


Specialized repair and maintenance of used dental equipment and sales of new dental equipment with agility, quality and assurance, providing confidence and security for dental professionals and their patients.


To be a reference in repair and specialized maintenance of dental equipment throughout the state of Florida, FL